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Legacy Heritage Fund is delighted to introduce its newest effort to enhance Jewish education through the use of technology. Dah Bear is a language tool which facilitates higher levels of Hebrew vocabulary mastery by students in day schools and supplemental schools across the United States.

This dynamic new online educational tool includes word lists, flash cards, educational games and a testing feature to help students learn more effectively using 21st century tools. Dah Bear also contains features that enable teachers to track their students progress on homework and tests. Dah Bear is free for teachers and students and is intended for use in school and at home.

To create your own lists and track your students’ efforts, log onto Dah Bear and see what it can do! 



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Recently Added Lists

List Name Area Subject Hebrew to English or
Hebrew to Hebrew
Teacher School Grade
Shavout Hebrew/English Reena Greenes Jewish Foundation School 2nd
Let’s Talk Hebrew 6,7,8, Hebrew/English Raquel Levy The Rashi School
2016 Shorashim Parshat Behar Chumash Genesis / Bereshit, בראשית Hebrew/English Chani Hecht Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day school 2nd
זמן עבר 2 Hebrew/English Ela Gdalyahu Heschel School 4th
Regashot Hebrew/English Ela Gdalyahu Heschel School

About Us

Legacy Heritage Fund is a New York based foundation that provides funding for Jewish education, social services, medical care and scientific research in Israel and the US - www.legacyheritage.org. The development of Dah Bear continues Legacy Heritage Fund’s long standing commitment to enhance Jewish education through the use of technology.

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