Gemara Vocab 1-31

 Hebrew TermEnglish Term/DefinitionHebrew DefinitionHintPictureAudio
1תּנא חכמים of the משנה    
2אמוֹרא (אמוֹראיםחכמים of the גמרא    
3בּרייתאA teaching of a תּנא that is not in the Mishna    
4ﬠמוּדOne side of a page    
5דףA page (both sides)    
6סוּגיאA discussion in the Gemara about a particular topic    
7שׁקְלא וטרְיאThe back and forth discussion of the Gemara    
8קשׁיאA question that something doesn't make sense    
9שְׁאלהA question that asks for information    
10סתּירהA contradiction    
11תּירוץAn answer    
12ראיהA proof    
13דחיהA disproof of a ראיה    
14הוא אמינאThe assumption of the Gemara    
15מסקנאThe conclusion of the Gemara    
16וּרמינהוּAnd we have a contradiction from a ברייתא    
17תּניאThe ברייתא taught/we learned in a ברייתא    
18דְ (as a prefix)1. because 2. that 3. of    
19גמר1.He finished 2.He Learned    
20כּוּלי ﬠלמאEveryone    
21תוּMore / later    
22אזילgo / continue    
23יהבhe gave    
24איבּﬠיאthey asked a שאלה    
25ליהto him / for him    
26להוּto them / for them    
27הכיLike this/so