Chayeinu 4 pages 181 & 183

 Hebrew TermEnglish Term/DefinitionHebrew DefinitionHintPictureAudio
1אבות מלאכות39 categories of work cannot be done on shabbos    
2בקור חוליםVisiting the sick    
3ברכת החודשAnnouncing of the new month    
4מולדTime the moon renews in Yerushalayim    
5יראת שמיםFear of Hashem    
6אפיקורסPerson who does believe in any aspect of Torah    
7לשון הרעSpeaking truthful bad about someone    
8רכילותTelling someone what someone said bad about him    
9מוציא שם רעSpeaking untrue bad about someone    
10מדה כנגד מדהHashem deals with us in the way we deal    
11מלוה מלכהSeudah eaten on Motzoei Shabbos    
12סנדקPerson who holds baby at bris    
13עזרת נשיםWomen’s section in Bais Hamikdash/shul    
14קידוש ה'Showing reps of Hashem are special    
15חילול ה'Showing reps of Hashem aren’t special    
16שלום זכר‘kiddush’ on first shabbos night of male baby    
17שעטנזMixture of wool and linen    
18תפילת הדרךPrayer said when travelling