Hebrew Vowels

 Hebrew TermEnglish Term/DefinitionHebrew DefinitionHintPictureAudio
1אַAH (as in father)פַּתָּח    
2אֲAH (as in father)חֲטָף פַּתָּח    
3חַ-ACH (as in Bach)פַּתָּח גָּנוּבonly at the end of a word    
4אָAH (as in father)קָמָץ    
5אוֹOH (as in go)חוֹלָם מָלֵא    
6אֹOH (as in go)חוֹלָם חָסֵרmissing the vav    
7אֳOH (as in go)חֲטָף קָמָץ    
8(אָ (כָּלOH (as in go)קָמָץ קָטָן    
9אוּOO (as in boo)שׁוּרוּק    
10אֻOO (as in boo)קֻבּוּץ    
11אֶEH (as in egg)סֶגוֹל    
12אֱEH (as in egg)חֲטָף סֶגוֹל    
13אֵAy (as in day)צֵירֵי    
14אִEE (as in bee)חִירִיק    
15-אְI (as in hit)שְׁוָא נָעbegins a syllable    
16אְ-Silentשְׁוָא נָחends a syllable    
17אַיAI (as in Adonai)פַּתָּח + יdiphthong    
18אָיAI (as in Adonai)קָמָץ + יdiphthong    
19אָיוAv (as in mitzvotav)קָמָץ + י + וignore the Yod    
20אוֹיOy (as in boy)חוֹלָם + יdiphthong    
21אוּיOO EE (as in gooey)שׁוּרוּק + יdiphthong