Lech Lecha 12:8 (Bright Beginnings)

 Hebrew TermEnglish Term/DefinitionHebrew DefinitionHintPictureAudio
1וַיַּעְתֵּקAnd he moved    
2מִשָּׁםfrom there    
3הָהָרָהto the mountain    
4מִקֶּדֶםfrom the east    
5לְבֵית אֵלto Beis Eil    
6וַיֵּטand he pitched    
7אָהֳלֹהhis tent    
8בֵּית אֵלBeis Eil    
9מִיָּםfrom the west    
10וְהָעַיand the Ai    
11מִקֶּדֶםfrom the east    
12וַיִּבֶןand he built    
14מִזְבֵּחַa Mizbeach    
15'לַהto Hashem    
16וַיִּקְרָאand he called    
17'בְּשֵׁם הin the Name of Hashem