Rav Zavid 2

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 מִי דָמֵי Are these cases similiar? From the word "דומה"    
2 הָתָם there    
3 קָתָנֵי Say (in the mishnah)    
4 הָכָא Here    
5 מַאי What    
6 מִדְּ (beginning of word) from the fact    
7 הָא But    
8 גַּבֵּי By/next to    
9 שְׁמָע מִינֵיהּ We learn from here    
10 דַּוְקָא Literally    
11 מִידֵי Do you really think?    
12 הֲדָדֵי Next to each other    
13 כִּדְ (beginning of word) like Similar to כמו    
14 נַן (end of word) we short for אנחנו