Common Verbs Conjugated – Speaking

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We (Male) are eating
You (Male Singular) are traveling
You (Female Plural) are traveling
Ahnachnu Ochlim
אנחנו אוכלים
Ahni Koneh
אני קונה
Ahni Holech
אני הולך
Hen Ochlot
הן אוכלות
You (Male Singular) are eating
You (Female Singular) are eating
Ahtem Nohssim
אתם נוסעים
You (Male Plural) are traveling
Ahten Noss-ote
אתן נוסעות
Aht Ochelet
את אוכלת
We (Male) are going
Ahta No-sayah
אתה נוסע
I am going
Ahnachnu Holchim
אנחנו הולכים
Ahta Ochel
אתה אוכל
I am buying
They (Female) are eating
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