Milim Lists 1-3

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 תַּנָא a rabbi from the משנה    
2 אַמוֹרָא a rabbi from the גמרא    
3 עָמוּד one side of a page    
4 דַף a page (both sides)    
5 סוּגְיָא a topic in the גמרא    
6 שַׁקְלָא וְטַרְיָא the back and forth of the גמרא    
7 מֵימְרָא a statement    
8 רַאֲיָה a proof    
9 דְּחִיָה a disproof    
10 בְּרַיְתָא a teaching of a תנא that is not in the משנה    
11 קֻשְׁיָא a question that something doesn’t make sense    
12 תֵּרוּץ an answer to a קשיא    
13 שְׁאֵלָה a question that asks for information    
14 תְּשׁוּבָה an answer to a שאלה    
15 הֵיכִי how    
16 הָכִי like this / so    
17 הֵיכָא where    
18 הָכָא here    
19 הָתָם there    
20 טוּבָא more    
21 הַוָא אַמִינָא the assumption of the גמרא    
22 מַסְקָנָא the conclusion of the גמרא    
23 סְבָרָא a logical reason    
24 דָמִי similar / compared    
25 הֵיכִי דָמִי how was it?    
26 נַמִי also    
27 בָּצִיר less    
28 דְ 1. because 2. that 3. of    
29 נָפִישׁ a lot    
30 עַסְקִינָן we are dealing