Perek Gimmel

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 תִגְּע֖וּ touch    
2 תְּמֻתֽוּן you will die    
3 תַֽאֲוָה desirable    
4 לְהַשְׂכִּ֔יל to be smart    
5 עֵֽירֻמִּ֖ם undressed    
6 חֲגֹרֹֽת belts    
7 וַיִּשְׁמְע֞וּ and they heard    
8 וַיִּתְחַבֵּ֨א and he hid    
9 אַיֶּֽכָּה where are you    
10 קֹֽלְךָ֥ your voice    
11 וָֽאִירָ֛א and I was afraid    
12 צִוִּיתִ֛יךָ I commanded you    
13 עִמָּדִ֔י with me    
14 הִשִּׁיאַ֖נִי talked me into it    
15 אָר֤וּר cursed    
16 גְּחֹֽנְךָ֣ your belly    
17 וְאֵיבָ֣ה and hatred    
18 זַֽרְעֲךָ֖ your children    
19 יְשֽׁוּפְךָ֣ he will crush    
20 יִמְשָׁל he will rule    
21 תְּשׁ֣וּקָתֵ֔ךְ you will yearn    
22 בַּֽעֲבוּרֶ֔ךָ because of you    
23 שֽׁוּבְךָ֙ you return    
24 כָּתְנ֥וֹת ע֖וֹר rabbit skin clothes    
25 וַיַּלְבִּשֵֽׁם and He dressed them