Chumash Skills #30-39: Tchiliot and Sofiot

 Hebrew TermEnglish Term/DefinitionHebrew DefinitionHintPictureAudio
1_______אI willאַנִי    
2______יHE will הוּא    
3____תYOU will (יָחִיד) or SHE willאַתָּה or הִיא    
4______נWE willאַנַחְנוּ    
5י . or י_ _______Me or My    
6נִי ______MEאוֹתִי    
7ךָ ______You or Your (יָחִיד) -when talking to 1 boy    
8כֶם_____YOU or YOUR (רַבִּים)-when talking to 2 or more boys    
9ךְ ______YOU or YOUR (יְחִידָה)-when talking to 1 girl    
10כֶן______YOU or YOUR רַבּוֹת-when talking to 2 or more girls