Rabbi Akiva Quotes

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 Who is rich? The person who ___________. ...is happy with what they have.    
2 Who is wise? The person who ____________. ...learns from everyone.    
3 Who is happy? The person who _________. ...is satisfied with what they have.    
4 Who is a hero? The person who ________. ...can control themselves.    
5 The world rests on 3 things: Learning Torah, service, and acts of kindness.    
6 The doors of your home should be _____. Open wide.    
7 You should make the poor and needy _____. Members of your household.    
8 Greet every person with ____. A cheerful face.    
9 Say little and ______. Do much.    
10 If I am not for myself, ______? Who will be for me?    
11 If I am only for myself, ____ What am I?    
12 If not now, _____ When?    
13 Find a teacher, and you've found _____. A friend.