Unit 9

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 מִי Who Who    
2 אֵיךְ How How    
3 לְאָן To where To where    
4 אֵיפֹה Where Where    
5 לָתֵת To give To give    
6 לֶאֱהוֹב To love To love    
7 לָדַעַת To know To know    
8 לָקַחַת To take To take    
9 לֶאֱכוֹל To eat To eat    
10 רוֹצֶה Want (m) Want (m)    
11 רוֹצָה Want (f) Want (f)    
12 רוֹצִים Want (pl.m) Want (pl.m)    
13 רוֹצוֹת Want (pl.f) Want (pl.f)    
14 יוֹדֵעַ know (m) know (m)    
15 יוֹדַעַת know (f) know (f)    
16 נוֹסְעִים travel (pl.m) travel (pl.m)    
17 מַדְרִיךְ counselor, guide (m) counselor, guide (m)    
18 מַדְרִיכָה counselor, guide (f) counselor, guide (f)    
19 סְלִיחָה Excuse me, sorry Excuse me, sorry    
20 יָשָׁר Straight Straight    
21 יָמִינָה To the right To the right    
22 שְׂמֹאלָה To the left To the left    
23 שֵׁרוּתִים Restrooms Restrooms