Shiur 14

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 תחתיה Beneath it Beneath it    
2 תאנה Fig (tree) Fig (tree)    
3 קציעות Figs which were cut and dried Figs which were cut and dried    
4 חרובים Carobs Carobs    
5 זיתים Olives Olives    
6 הנוטה Leaning Leaning    
7 בצד Next to Next to    
8 בשלמא It is understandable It is understandable    
9 הואיל Since Since    
10 רישא The beginning (first case) The beginning (first case)    
11 סיפא The end (last case) The end (last case)    
12 הכא Here Here    
13 התם There There