Shiur 17

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 שָׁטַף Washed away    
2 נָהָר A river    
3 קוֹרָיו His beams    
4 עֵצָיו His wood    
5 וַאֲבָנָיו And his stones    
6 וּנְתָנוֹ And it (he) put them    
7 בְּתוֹךְ inside (into)    
8 טַעְמָא The reason    
9 הָא But    
10 סְתָמָא In a regular case    
11 כְּשֶׁיָּכוֹל When he is able to    
12 לְהַצִּיל To save    
13 אֵימָא I will say    
14 מְרַדְּפִין Chasing    
15 אַחֲרֵיהֶם After them    
16 מַאי אִרְיָא Why [specifically] speak about    
17 עַל יְדֵי הַדְּחָק With difficulty    
18 בִּיכוֹלִין Where he was able to    
19 מִסְתַּבְּרָא Logical    
20 אִי סָלְקָא דַעְתָּךְ If you would think    
21 עִידָּנָא At the time when    
22 נְהִי Granted    
23 אליבא According to