Shiur 21

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 עוֹדֵהוּ While it is    
2 טַּל Dew    
3 וְשָׂמַח And he was happy    
4 נִגְּבוּ They were dried    
5 אֵינָן They are not    
6 דְּאִיגַּלַּאי It became revealed    
7 מִילְּתָא The matter / thing    
8 דְּהַשְׁתָּא That now    
9 נִיחָא לֵיהּ He is content / happy    
10 מֵעִיקָּרָא From the beginning    
11 שָׁאנֵי It is different    
12 עַד שֶׁיִּתֵּן Until he gives/places    
13 אִי הָכִי If so    
14 רֵישָׁא The first case    
15 נָמֵי Also    
16 הָתָם There    
17 רָמֵי Asked a contradiction    
18 כִּי יִתֵּן When he will put    
19 וְקָרֵינַן And we read    
20 כִּי יוּתַּן When it will be put    
21 הָא כֵּיצַד How is this?    
22 בָּעֵינַן We need    
23 דֻּומְיָא Similar to    
24 לְדַעַת With his knowledge