studying for Ivrit final part 1

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 נמוך short you can pass if you study    
2 שובב mischeivous you got this!    
3 רגוע calm just another 5 hours    
4 להרגיש to feel come on Leah you can do it put a little power to it    
5 ישר straight How will I survive?    
6 כפית teaspoon this is taking so long    
7 לחתוך to cut (food) Just a little more    
8 לשטף to wash dishes or the floor hang in there!    
9 לרחץ to wash the body Why are we having a final again?    
10 לכבּס to wash clothes Chumash word!!!!    
11 מברשת שנים toothbrush Lets do this!!    
12 משחת שיניים toothpaste this is the opposite of fun    
13 משרד office this is too hard!    
14 מסדרון hallway Why? Why? WHYYYYYYYYYY???????    
15 חדר מחשבים computer lab I just want to pass is that too much to ask    
16 מקצוע subject The test is soon    
17 להלביש to get someone else dressed Memorize