Ivrit February 2024

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 נקי Clean (b) Clean (b)    
2 נקיה Clean (g) Clean (g)    
3 נקיים Clean (boys) Clean (boys)    
4 נקיות Clean (Girls) Clean (Girls)    
5 לנקות To Clean To Clean    
6 להתעורר To Wake Up To Wake Up ohr    
7 מקלחת Shower Shower    
8 ‏דלי ‏Bucket ‏Bucket    
9 ‏ראי Mirror Mirror    
10 מבשרת שער Hair Brush Hair Brush    
11 מבשרת שנים Toothbrush Toothbrush    
12 כיור Sink Sink    
13 סבון Soap Soap to wash your bones with sibon    
14 שמרטוט Shmattah Shmattah its smart to use a shmartot    
15 לכבס To Wash clothing To Wash clothing race to wash your Chaves    
16 לרחץ To Wash (body ) To Wash (body )