100 Most Frequently Used words in Sichas

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 א a a a    
2 אבער But/Though/However But/Though/However But/Though/However    
3 אדער Or/Either Or/Either Or/Either    
4 אויב if if if    
5 אויך Also/Too Also/Too Also/Too    
6 אויף On (regarding) On (regarding) On (regarding)    
7 און And And And    
8 אז that that that    
9 אזוי so so so    
10 איז is is is    
11 אים Him Him Him    
12 אין in in in    
13 אין פלוג seemingly seemingly seemingly    
14 אלע all all all    
15 ביי by by by    
16 בלויז Only Only Only