100 Most Frequently Used words in Sichas Part 2

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 ווייל While/Because While/Because While/Because    
2 ווייס(ט) Know(s) Know(s) Know(s)    
3 וויל Will Will Will    
4 וועגן About/Ways About/Ways About/Ways    
5 וועט Will Will Will    
6 וועלט World World World    
7 וועלכע Which/that Which/that Which/that    
8 ווען When When When    
9 ווער Who Who Who    
10 ווערט Is/Becomes/Worth Is/Becomes/Worth Is/Becomes/Worth    
11 ווערן Become Become Become    
12 זאג(ט) Say(s) Say(s) Say(s)    
13 זאך Thing Thing Thing    
14 זאל Should Should Should    
15 זיי They They They    
16 זיין His/be His/be His/be    
17 זיינען Are Are Are    
18 זייער Very Very Very    
19 זען see see see    
20 טאן do do do    
21 טוט does does does    
22 טוט אויף accomplishes accomplishes accomplishes    
23 יאר year year year    
24 יעדער every every every    
25 כאטש at least/although at least/although at least/although    
26 לויט according according according    
27 לערנ(ען) learn learn learn    
28 מאל time time time    
29 מיט with with with    
30 מיינט mean/think mean/think mean/think    
31 נאך after/more/still/additional after/more/still/additional after/more/still/additional    
32 נאר only/but only/but only/but    
33 ניט not not not    
34 סיי both both both    
35 עס it/this/eat it/this/eat it/this/eat    
36 ער he he he    
37 פאר for/before for/before for/before    
38 פארבונדן connected connected connected    
39 פארוואס why why why    
40 פארשטאנדיק understood understood understood    
41 פארשטיין understand understand understand    
42 פון from from from    
43 פונדעסטוועגען nevertheless nevertheless nevertheless    
44 פעלט lacks lacks lacks    
45 פריער before/prior before/prior before/prior    
46 פרעגען ask ask ask    
47 צו to to to    
48 צוליב for the sake of/because for the sake of/because for the sake of/because    
49 קומט comes comes comes    
50 קיין any any any    
51 קען can can can    
52 שווער difficult/heavy/father in-law difficult/heavy/father in-law difficult/heavy/father in-law    
53 שוין already already already    
54 שטייט states/says/standing states/says/standing states/says/standing