Vayikra chapter 25

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 do not subject him to the treatment of a slave An Israelite slave    
2 What shall be proclaimed throughout the land in the Yovel year freedom for all its inhabitants    
3 Observe my laws that you may live upon the landin security    
4 If you say what will we eat in the seventh year what will God do ordain blessing in the sixth year so the crop should yield enough for three years    
5 You shall not treat a Jew as a slave but rather as a hired or bound laborer    
6 Shemmittah is called a _____ of the Lord Sabbath    
7 Jubilee/Yovel is every ______ year 50th    
8 Who can eat the produce that the land naturally produces in the Shemittah year Any person or animal    
9 On what day in the Yovel/Jubilee year was the shofar sounded Yom Kippur    
10 what is the difference between selling land and selling a house in a walled city the land returns to owner in Yovel but the house does NOT    
11 What laws apply in the Yovel year lands return to their owners , slaves are freed, all the laws of Shemittah    
12 When buying land in Israel-when the laws of Yovel were in effect- what would be an important factor How long before the next Yovel year the land was being purchased    
13 If a person hit difficult times, and had to sell his/her land, apart from a family member, who else the original owner him/herself    
14 If you sell a house in a walled city, how long do you have to redeem it back 1 year    
15 If a house in a walled city was sold, and was not redeemed within the first year, when does the owne Never    
16 Which cities were the exception to the regular walls, and their houses DID return to the original ow The LEvites    
17 What may be redeemed until a year has elapsed since its sale a house in a walled city    
18 What can you not charge a fellow Jew who borrows money from you Interest    
19 How could an Israelite slave be released, early, before the Yovel year If he is redeemed by someone who pays the slave-owner the value of the remaining time    
20 How was the law for a house in a Levite city different than all of the other cities Their houses DID return to them in the Jubilee year