Bemidbar chapter 10

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 chapter ten begins with Hashem telling Moshe to make trumpets    
2 How many trumpets did God command Moses to make 2    
3 Who was being summoned when both trumpets were blown with long blasts All the people    
4 Who was being summoned when one trumpet was blown with a long blast The leaders    
5 What happened when short blasts were blown on the trumpets The people journeyed    
6 Which tribes began to travel first The tribes on the east    
7 Which tribes travelled second the tribes on the south    
8 Who blew the trumpets The kohanim    
9 The trumpets were also blown when the Jews were at ___ war    
10 When were the trumpets blown on holidays and Rosh Chodesh During the offering of the sacrifices    
11 What date did the Jews leave Sinai 20th day of second month in the second year    
12 Where fif they travel to after leaving sinai The wilderness of Paran    
13 Which division travelled at the head the division of Yehudah    
14 Which division of tribes travelled second division of Reuven    
15 What would happen to the Mishkan/Tabernacle when the Israelites travelled it was dismantled    
16 Which tribe carried the Mishkan and the vessels Levi    
17 What travelled in the middle of the people The holy articles from the Mishkan    
18 Which division of tribes travelled at the rear Dan    
19 What did Moshe encourage Hobab to do Travel with the Jews to Canaan    
20 Did Hobab end up joining the Jews The text is unclear    
21 What travelled ahead of the Israelites The ark    
22 Who said Have two silver trumpets made Hashem to Moshe    
23 Who said Come with us and we will be generous with you Moshe to Hobab    
24 Who said I will not go but will return to my native land Hobab to Moshe    
25 Who said I will not go but will return to my native land Hobab to Moshe    
26 make them of hammered work the trumpets    
27 They shall be blown by Aarons sons the priests the trumpets    
28 traveled in front of them on that three days journey The ark    
29 Have two ______ trumpets made silver    
30 When you are at war in your land against an aggressor who attacks you you shall sound ______blasts o short    
31 Where was Moshes Father in Law from Midian    
32 May Your enemies be scattered And may Your foes _______ before You flee    
33 How did the All the people know when the were being summoned One blast would be blown    
34 How did the leaders know if they were being summoned one trumpet was blown    
35 What did they blow on the trumpets when it was time to journey short blasts    
36 What was the Levites Job to carry the Mishkan and the holy vessels