mishnah sukah perek two

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 what are the three opinions of sleeping under a bed in the sukka T"K=Not yotze if over 10 tefachim. R"Y says yes yotze even over 10 tefachim. R"S not    
2 who is tavi and what did he do R’ Gamliel’s eved. he slept under the bed in the sukah    
3 if you pile up so much scach that you cnt see the stars is it ok yes    
4 if a sukkah is on one tree stump can you go in on yom-tov Only if 3 walls would stand without the stump    
5 what does rabbi yehudah sy about a sukkah on bed posts no good, unless schach would stand on it’s own without the bedposts    
6 can you enter a tree or camal sukkah on yom-tov no    
7 can you enter a wagon or boat sukkah on yom-tov yes    
8 are walls made up of trees ok for a sukkah yes, but schach needs to be standing on separate frame    
9 do sick people and the ones who are helping nee to eat in the sukkah no    
10 what can you eat outside the sukkah a snack which is not mezonos    
11 what was brought to the three chachamim in mishnah hai 2 dates and a pitcher of water    
12 wich two said bring it to the sukkah Raban Yochanan ben Zakai and Raban Gamliel    
13 what did rabbi tzadok do ate less than k’beitza, held it with a cloth, ate it outside sukah and didn’t bentch aft    
14 what happens if someones head and most of his bod was in the sukkah but his table is in the houe Bais Shamai says no good, Bais Hillel says it’s good    
15 what is the machlclas between rabbi eliezer and the chachamim about how many meals t eat in the sukk R’ Eliezer says 14 meals, Chachamim say no set amount    
16 can you make up a missed meal R’ Eliezer says you make it up and Chachamim say you don’t    
17 are women obligated to eat in the sukkah no    
18 what is the story of shamai`s daughter in-law She had a baby boy on sukkos, they broke open the ceiling on top of the baby and put schach    
19 at what piont can you leave the sukkah if it rains if your food get’s ruined    
20 starting what age should a boy be trained to eat in the sukkah when he no longer needs the constant care of his mother (around 7/8)    
21 what is rain on sukahs compared to A master asking his servant for a drink and throwing it in his face