Parshas Matos Questions

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 Why is it so important not to make a promise Because it is terrible aveirah to break a promise.    
2 How can you cancel a promise Either by going to a Bais Din , or a talmud chacham who knows the law.    
3 Why did the Jews go to war against Midyan and not Moav Moav fought out of fear, Midyan fought out of hate.    
4 Did Moshe delay the war No, Moshe immediately began to prepare for war.    
5 How many soldiers did Hashem say Moshe should send Only 12,000, one thousand from each shevet.    
6 Why did Hashem say to send such a small army Hashem only wanted the greatest tzaddikim to go.    
7 Why did the soldiers refuse to come Because they loved Moshe and they didn’t want him to die.    
8 How many Jewish soldiers died in the war No Jewish soldiers died.    
9 What did Elazar teach the Jews after the war He taught them how to kasher all the pots and dishes    
10 What did the tribes of Gad and Reuvain ask Moshe for They wanted to stay on the other side of the Jordan with their sheep    
11 What would they have to do in order to stay on the other side They would have to come join in the war for the land