Vayikra chapter 19

  Hebrew Term English Term/Definition Hebrew Definition Hint Picture Audio
1 When do you have to pay a laborer On the day he worked    
2 What happens to meat from a Well-being sacrifice that was not eaten in the allotted time frame It is burned in fire    
3 How many days do you have to eat a Well-being sacrifice 2    
4 What are the three mixtures that are forbidden by Vayikra 19 2 animals, 2 seeds in together a field, 2 materials (wool and linen) in a garment    
5 For how many years can you not eat the fruit of a new tree 3    
6 What other command is in the same verse as the command to respect elders To fear God    
7 This shall not remain with you until morning A workers wages    
8 This shall be set aside for jubilation before the LORD The fruit of a tree in the 4th years of the tree’s life    
9 He shall be to you as one of your citizens The stranger    
10 you shall leave them for the poor The special presents from the field and vineyard    
11 How many commandments are there pertaining to idols 2    
12 Name the two commandments the pertain to idol worships 1) don’t turn to them 2) don’t make molten gods    
13 What type of sacrifice has a 2 day time limit Well- being sacrifice    
14 What happens to someone who eats the meat of a sacrifice after these 2 days He is cut off from the Jewish people    
15 What examples does the Torah give of “rendering an unfair decision” 1)favoring the poor 2) showing deference to the rich    
16 What does the Torah say you should be careful NOT to do when reproving (rebuking ) your fellow Jew Don’t incur guilt because of him    
17 Which two commands are in the same verse as “Love your fellow as yourself” 1. Don’t take vengeance 2. Don’t bear a grudge    
18 Man sleeps with slave woman. What kind of animal is his sacrifice a Ram    
19 What is done with the fruit of the 4th year Set aside for jubilation before Hashem    
20 two hair related prohibitions are 1) do not round off the side growth of your head. 2)don’t destroy the side-growth of your beard    
21 Shabbat is mentioned two times. Each time, together with another law. What are each of those laws 1) Revere your parents and 2) venerate (revere) my sanctuary    
22 Which two laws are followed by the command to “fear your God 1) don’t put stumbling block in front of the blind. 2) Show deference to the old    
23 What reason is given as to why you should love the stranger as yourself B/c you were strangers in the land of Egypt.    
24 two people you should love as yourself are 1) your fellow 2) The stranger    
25 It will be brought to the entrance of the tent of meeting The guilt offering    
26 what is left by the third day must be consumed in fire well being sacrifice    
27 three years it shall be forbidden to you the fruit of a new tree    
28 The priest shall make expiation (help him achieve forgiveness)for him The man who slept with a designated slave woman    
29 he has profaned what is sacred one who eats the well being sacrifice after 2 days    
30 Love these two people as yourself 1) your fellow 2) the stranger    
31 If it is eaten- it is an offensive thing The well being sacrifice after 2 days